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Code of Conduct

The environment at Thorold Secondary School should be a place where all students can learn with a sense of security and freedom from harm.  Teachers and students try always to respect the rights, property and opinions of others.  The development of responsibility within this framework is essential to student growth and an environment conducive to learning.

Students are expected to:

  • exercise self-discipline, be courteous to fellow students and obedient and courteous to teachers, office staff and support staff;
  • follow Board and School rules;
  • be responsible for their conduct while on the school premises or while traveling on school buses or on a school field trip.

Consequences of Behaviour Code Violations

Normally, students will proceed through a range of consequences.  The primary aim will be to eliminate the misbehaviour and to promote student self-discipline.  Any consequence will remain in effect for a fixed period of time.  A range of consequences will not be followed in cases of serious misbehaviours.  Serious misbehaviours (e.g. drug use, fighting) will result in immediate suspension.

  1. Warning from the teacher
  2. Detention
  3. Interview with an administrator
  4. Parental contact / interview
  5. Behaviour contract
  6. Attendance contract
  7. Modified timetable
  8. Loss of school privileges
  9. Removal from course
  10. Program change
  11. Suspension from school
  12. Expulsion
  13. Police or other agency contact